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Looking to buy a home? Moving to Ohio with your company? Ready to downsize? Want to buy your first home? Want a larger home?  I can help!

Looking to buy land?  Many families are buying small acreage tracts and building their forever home or looking for an existing place in the country, already set up and ready to enjoy.  They want their children to experience having dogs, cats, horses, bucket calves, chickens or rabbits. Some families are looking for weekend retreats, maybe on the water or in the woods.  Investors are looking for working farms, row crop, hunting or timber land to grow their family's monetary future.  I can help!

With the market moving as quickly as it is today, it's important to be ready to buy. You must be prepared for a serious competition with others, who are ready to buy and close quickly.  Get ahead of the pack by getting prequalified. Don't have a lender, let me help you find one.

Want to get access to UNLISTED PROPERTIES, not found in MLS or Zillow?  They are not available through any other Realtor.  Please EMAIL me a detailed description of your needs, the more the better. (I don't have rentals)  My team and I will help you find your next real estate purchase!

Ready to buy?  Watch this video please!

What my clients are saying  

Mike did a great job selling my home. He is honest, dependable and takes the time to listen. You will find him very helpful!


~ Jacqueline, Canal Winchester

It was nice to work with someone who delivered as promised. He showcased all the amenities our home offered which lead to a great sale.


~ Jeff & Delk R, Lewis Center

Mike helped me downsize from a large home to a great condo, all on one level. He helped with financing and structuring my sale, so I only had to move once.


~ Bob B, Orient

Looking for a hardworking Realtor? Mike will go the extra mile!


~ The Myers, Atlanta, GA

Mike sold our farm for more and in less time than expected. He will do a good job for you too!


~ The Watsons Murfreesboro

Our farm had been in the family for many years. Mike helped us get top dollar!


~ Cake Family - Phoenix Arizona

I listed my family farm with Mike in the fall of 2014. He managed to sell it for more than I thought I could get!


~ Clyde Yokley -Nashville, TN

We had been trying to sell our place for a couple of years. Mike came up with a plan of division which allowed us to sell!


~ Dean & Marie Garland - Mississippi

Mike did what he said he would do! He took the time to showcase our farm and found a family who will enjoy it as much as we did!


~ The Dockters, Panama City Beach, Florida

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